Dragonball Z Earth Defender - Play Free

Enjoy a good shooting game online, play Dragonball Z Earth Defender. In this Dragonball Z game, you got one mission and that is to play helping Goku defend the planet from all of his enemies. Don't worry, in Dragonball Z Earth Defender, Goku has superhuman strength that would come handy in battles like these.

Blast off all of Goku enemies and put them back to wherever they came from. To do that, play using the Mouse and its Left Button. These are the controls of Dragonball Z Earth Defender game. Goku appears at the right side of the online screen. You may not move him but you are able to direct his fireballs with mouse. Click on Left for shooting.

In Dragonball Z Earth Defender, bad guys have a life bar on top of its head. Some of 'em need only one shot to be eliminated, while most of them will require to play shooting at least two fireballs to destroy them. Once you kill all 'em, you clear this online Dragonball Z game stage.

In Dragonball Z Earth Defender game, it is the option to increase your level, the strength of your fireball, or regain lost HP. Just select Upgrade on the upper right corner while you play the Dragonball Z game or after the new area has loaded. Each f these improvements are equivalent to a certain number of points.

In Dragonball Z Earth Defender online you gain experience points for every killed enemy. So better be sharp for shooting at them all when play this fun Dragonball Z game.

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