Dragonball Z Game Online - Play Free

Play Dragonball Z, here you have to put your fighting skills ready because, in Dragonball Z game online, Android 18 is daring you to a battle. Show him your great form and make him pay. Summon all of Goku's superpowers to beat him in his own game. At the start of this Dragonball Z game online, decide which character you'll play Dragonball Z with.

The choices are Goku, Picollo, and Trunks. Your enemies could be Android 18, Freeza, and Cell. Play choosing from easy, medium and hard level. Then, click on Fight and the battle begins. Play Dragonball Z moving the character with the Arrow Keys. To play, use the letters on the keyboard - they control Dragonball Z game online.

To do a Jump Kick, press letter W. To Power UP, press E. Toggle Fly is F. For Special Attack, A. Kick is S and Punch is D. Jump using Space. Enjoy Dragonball Z game online watching out for the life and special power bars on the left top side. Play Dragonball Z hiting your opponent squarely in order to chop off a good part off his health bar. The first to get his life drained loses Dragonball Z game online.

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