Dragonball Z High Time - Play Free

If you want an online Dragonball Z game with lots of adventure and action to play, this one is perfect for you. Dragonball Z High Time is an obstacle-filled game for the thrill-seeking player in you. You just have to run, jump, and fly throughout the game from the start to the finish line to clear the stage.

Of course, doing that would not be a walk in the park. In Dragonball Z High Time, there will be many obstacles and enemies that would come your way. What you should do is to play taking all them down with your great fighting form. Also, in this online Dragonball Z game make sure that you'll not fall down the cliff whenever you jump.

Dragonball Z High Time online would be so-easy-to-play, simple-to-understand and free Dragonball Z game. All the instructions are embedded within this amazing game. Every now and then, try to discover signs which contain useful information and tips.

In the free Dragonball Z High Time you play controlling Goku by using the Arrows. The Up Key makes him jump and the Left and Right Keys moves him to the respective direction. The Space releases a fireball while pressing on Control would activate the basic attack.

Play Dragonball Z High Time by collecting coins along the road as you eliminate enemies. If you encounter nimbus clouds, you can step on them to fly you to a certain destination. Dragonball Z game to carry the right number of coins for that to happen though...enjoy Dragonball Z High Time, play it online.

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