Dragonball Z Kart Game - Play Free

Play Dragonball Z Kart game, a different kind of online race where players are sure to enjoy it. If you love an action-packed and fast-paced racing game, this Dragonball Z game is for you. Play with characters such as Son Goku, Picollo, Vegeta, and Mr. Satan. In Dragonball Z Kart game race, you are bound to match driving wits and skills against the others.

A free racing Dragonball Z Kart game that begins the moment you choose a character. To move, press Right Arrow Key. To jump, just push Up. There are blocks, boulders, and bridges to go over and under. To play this online Dragonball Z game, you need to formulate the correct strategy so that you will finish up first in Dragonball Z Kart game race.

Dragonball Z Kart game has seven online races to play for free and the score is given at the end of each one. The player that finishes first gets the highest score. The scores are tallied and the best one, after the racing championship, wins the 7 dragonballs.

Unfortunately, in Dragonball Z Kart game online, you kart has to play starting last in the race. In other words, your opponents have the upper hand in this Dragonball Z game. However, you can use your power wave to freeze enemies on their tracks for a short period time. But then, they can do the same for you so you better watch out for it too.

Release your wave by waiting for the power bar on upper part of Dragonball Z Kart game screen to fill up. When the word Max blinks in the Dragonball Z game area play by pressing SPACE and your special powers would activate.

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